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Belief and Purpose



As stated by Catherine Steiner-Adair, a well-known child psychologist and author of the book The Big Disconnect – Protecting Childhood and Family Relations in the Digital Age:  One of the biggest threats of technology of the magic of I-pads and playing on I-pads is that it takes the place of real play or what is called Deep Play where children learn to share, fight, cooperate and move around developing coordination. Deep play is when children are able to create narrative activities in their own minds which is one of the most important aspects of creativity.  Children only have until the age of five to develop their learning platform for all their future learning.  When children play passively on I-pads they are missing out on the most important way children learn and grow.

Back To Basics Preschool will not be using electronics like iPads as teaching tools for your children.  Your children will be learning by getting Back To the Basics of using their own wonderful creative minds.

Back to Basics Preschool Turtle
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